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Fog Machines

Filling the night air with menacing fog, which your trick-or-treaters must venture through and wonder what could be lurking within it, a fog machine is an absolute must for a truly creepy Halloween haunt or party.

But there are times when you might want the fog to hung the ground rather than disperse through out the air. A perfect example would be for a graveyard scene in your front yard. Instead of filling the air, you want the fog to slowly drift over the ground, around tombstones and over burial mounds, or maybe you'd like it to flow out from under your porch or even over your roof.

Unfortunately, the very nature of how these machines produce fog makes this difficult, as the fog fluid is heated to generate fog which comes out hot and rises in the air. To discourage the fog from rising it has to be cooled down before it is released into the air.

The general idea is to build a device that the hot fog enters and is cooled down as it passes through. A Fog Chiller.

We designed our Fog Chiller to be easy to build, relatively inexpensive and be a completely self-contained unit that could be moved around as needed.

fog machine
Fog straight from the machine

Fog through the chiller without ice

Fog Machine
Fog through the chiller with ice

1 - 48 quart ice-chest (cooler)
2 - Feet of 3" diameter ABS plastic pipe
2 - 3" ABS plastic 90 degree elbow joints (NIBCO 5807-V)
2 - 3" ABS plastic coupling hubs (NIBCO C5801)
1 - 3"x2" ABS plastic reducer coupling hub (NIBCO 5801)
1 - 2'x3' piece of 1/2" square hole wire mesh
2 - 5" expandable clamps
1 - Tube of clear drying silicone caulk
1 - Can of flat black spray paint
1 - Fog machine (Visual Effects Party Fogger shown)

HalloweenThe ice-chest is the standard type found in most department stores and only costs around $15.00, but be sure to keep an eye out at garage sales for a used (and cheaper) one. The ABS plastic pipe and connectors are simple to work with, can be found in the plumbing department at all major hardware stores, and the pieces slip together easily.

Fog MachinesThe first step is to cut a hole through each end of the ice-chest. We used a 4" bi-metal hole saw attached to an electric drill to easily cut perfectly round holes through the center of each end. These unique saw blades (Vermont American Tool Company) can be found at most hardware stores. The bits are a little expensive at around $25.00, so an alternative would be to use a compass to the mark the circle for the hole and then use a jig-saw to cut it out.

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Fog Machines - Fog Machine
Fog Machines - Fog Machine


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