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Fog Machines - Fog Machine
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Fog Machines

Fog MachineNext, you will need to cut three lengths of the 3" ABS pipe. Two at 3 inches long and the third one about 12 inches long. The easiest way is with a hack-saw. The 12 inch piece is only a rough estimate for the length and will be re-cut later.


HalloweenUsing wire cutters, cut the 1/2" screen wire into a X inch by 12 inch piece. The "X" represents the inside length of the cooler (19-1/2 inches with ours). When cutting the length-wise side cut the further end of the wire so that they are left to stick out. These will be used to attached the wire to its self when rolled (pictured below-left).

HalloweenRoll the screen wire piece around a spare piece of 3 inch ABS pipe so that it has a basic tube shape. Lower the wire tube into the cooler and slide the 3" id double-female connectors through the holes you cut so that an equal amount sticks out either side. Twist the screen wire into as tight a tube as you can and attach the clamps.

HalloweenUsing needle-nose pliers, bend those end wires you purposely left on under and over the lower screen wire to hold it in its tube shape (pictured center). If a few of these break off its not a problem, but if a lot break off you may need to use some light-weight bailing wire to re-enforce the seam of the wire cage. What you should have is a tube-shaped wire cage that is attached at both ends of the chest (pictured right). This is the chamber that the fog will pass through and be cooled in.

Fog Chillers intake components from top to bottom.

3" to 2" ABS Reducer
3" section of 3" ABS pipe (not visible)
3" ABS 90 degree elbow joint
12" long section of 3" ABS pipe
3" ABS 90 degree elbow joint
3" section of 3" ABS pipe (not visible)
3" ABS plastic double-female connector


Do not glue these pieces of the intake assembly together. Once they are pushed together they will stay in place. This way if you need to swivel the section or disassemble it you'll be able to.

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Fog Machines - Fog Machine
Fog Machines - Fog Machine


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