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Fog Machines

fog machineTo prevent fog from leaking out around the connectors, you need to seal the two four inch double-female connectors at both ends of the chest with some clear silicone caulk or sealant. Be sure to apply the sealant both inside and outside of the cooler, and then let it dry thoroughly according to the sealant directions before using the fog chiller.

HalloweenTo help camouflage the unit at night, you will want to paint the exterior of the chest with flat black spray paint. Unfortunately, paint does not stick to the plastic very well, so you will want to prime the ice-chest first. Zinsser B-I-N Primer, available at the hardware store, is a Shellac based Primer-Sealer that works well to prime the plastic ice-chest before painting, and it dries pretty fast. Allow the paint and caulk to dry for 24 hours.

Fog MachinesSince we cut the mid-section of 3 inch ABS pipe that runs between the two elbow joints extra long for final adjustment, you will need to set your fog machine on top of the Fog Chiller and cut off any excess ABS pipe until the fog machine's exit nozzle is aligned with the Fog Chillers intake nozzle. Don't cut off to much or you will have to replace the pipe.

HalloweenYour Fog Chilling unit is now complete and ready to go. When you're ready to use it all you have to do is fill it up to the top with ordinary ice cubes (ours took 35 pounds) and close the lid tightly.

Standard sized ice cubes work great. You should try to avoid very small ice cubes as they might slip through the screen wire into the cooling chamber and impede the flow of the fog. Using dry ice will improve performance, but dry ice costs a lot more.

HalloweenDuring use, align the the fog machines exit nozzle to be centered with and about an inch away from the Fog Chillers intake nozzle. This allows outside cool air to be drawn in during operation. The trick to getting the best low lying fog is to use short bursts from your fog machine, separated by a few seconds to allow cold air to refill the cooling chamber.

HalloweenIf you need to direct the exiting fog, you can also attach a section of five inch diameter flexible tubing to the exit pipe on the Fog Chiller to direct the fog where you want it. In general, you don't want to attach more than six or eight feet of tubing, as the fog won't have enough power to travel through its entire length.

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Fog Machines - Fog Machine Fog Machines - Fog Machine
Fog Machines - Fog Machine
Fog Machines - Fog Machine


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