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Fog Machines - Fog Machine
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Fog Machines

fog machineThe Nozzle - As the fog fluid is pumped through the heat exchanger, it is super-heated and then immediately forced through the exit nozzle at the front of the fog machine. These nozzles are usually made from solid brass and have an extremely small nozzle hole where the vaporized fog fluid is expelled under high pressure. The nozzle and it's protective shroud will become very hot during operation of the fog machine. Do not touch it or place it near anything that could catch on fire.

remote controlRemote Controls - Most fog machines come with a basic on/off switch remote control. Operation is very basic, you hold down the button for fog, you release the button to stop the fog. The problem with this type of controller is that it shackles you to the remote control. The best option is a Timer Remote Control designed to give "hands free" operation of the fog machine. This remotes allows you to control both the interval at which the fog machine comes on, and the amount of time it stays on during the interval eliminating the need for you to spend precious Halloween time manually operating a remote. For more information on Timer Remote Controls see our Fog Machine Faq section.

fog fluidFog Machine Fluid - Water based fog fluids are typically made from glycol and water. It is important to understand that fog machines and there fluids are designed as systems. Specific fluid formulas require a specific temperature range for optimum aerosolization during the "flashing" process. Fog machine manufacturers design their machines to be compatible with their fluids. If a machine is calibrated at too low a temperature for a given fluid, the result can be "wet" fog that can leave a residue. If the temperature is too high, the fluid can "burn" or decompose the fluid, thus changing its chemical composition. This "burning" can create harmful byproducts. Well designed fog machines have removable fluid tanks for the convenience of the user.


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Fog Machines - Fog Machine Fog Machines - Fog Machine
Fog Machines - Fog Machine
Fog Machines - Fog Machine


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