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Fog Machines - Fog Machine
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Fog Machines
Below are some of the special "how-to" projects we've designed to get the most out of your fog machine for Halloween.

Making Fog Hug The Ground
Fog ChillerThe fog produced by these machines comes out hot, and therefore rises. One of the easiest ways to cool down the temperature of the fog so that it doesn't rise in the air is to build a Fog Chiller. These are relatively easy and inexpensive to make and make your fog machine much more versatile.
For complete "how-to" instructions Click Here.

Got Fog? Vortex Effect
vortexAs your trick or treaters walk into your fog filled yard, they see ahead of them a swirling vortex glowing in the air. This is a really eerie effect that is guaranteed to impress your trick or treaters. You only need a Fog Machine and a Holiday Image Projector to create this great effect.
Click here for detailed instructions.

Fog Seeping Up From The Ground
Fog coming up from the ground produces a very eerie effect. All you need is your fog generator, flexible hose, a couple of clamps and some PVC leech line pipe (the kind with holes in it). Attach it to the fog generator with the flexible piece of pipe so it will have some flexibility. You'll also need some loose top soil, potting soil or leaves to cover the leech line. Bury the pipe just under the soil and the fog will drift up through the ground, making a nice setting for your graveyard or pumpkin patch.

Piping Fog Around To Different Locations
Directing FogYes, fog can easily go through large Shop-Vac type hose for about 6 to 8 feet, but after that you'll need a small fan to help push the fog through the hose. Smooth hose works better than corrugated. You should never attach the hose directly to the fogger, an inch or so of space between the hose and fogger is safer and will give you better fog distribution. This works great when attached to a Fog Chiller as show to the right.

Pumpkin Fogger
Carve a large pumpkin and cut an extra two inch diameter hole in its back. Set the pumpkin on a table, etc. that is long enough to place the fog machine behind the pumpkin. Position the fog machine so that the nozzle is just outside and pointing into the hole in the back. Camouflage the fog machine with a box, etc. When your guests near the Jack O' Lantern, use the remote control to give a blast of fog, which will shoot out of the carved parts of the pumpkin, giving them a real scare! Do not use a candle in the pumpkin, as the blast of fog will extinguish it. Instead, use either a battery operated light or a Cyalume stick.

Strobing Fog Effect
fog machine - strobe lightA strobe light(s) can be aimed into the fog generated from a fog machine to make a creepy and disorientating effect. For best effect you should aim the light from an angle, not directly in the direction your visitors will be coming from. From above, below and/or the sides through the fog makes for a great effect. Make sure the power cords are secure and not a hazard.


Fog Machines - Fog Machine Fog Machines - Fog Machine
Fog Machines - Fog Machine
Fog Machines - Fog Machine


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