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Fog Machines - Fog Machine
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Fog Machines
Your first question will probably be, "What would I use a fog machine for?"

Adding fog to your Halloween Haunt will add that extra scary effect. Here are some ideas for enhance the effectiveness of your fog machine. Below are a few ideas for using fog machines for your Halloween Fright Fest.

Your Halloween Yard Haunt
You've decorated your front yard to the max, but it needs that final touch. Adding one or more fog machines to fill the night air with fog is just the thing to put a real chill into your visitors!

In Your Haunted Garage
You've turned your garage into a really scary place, but adding fog will make it a place of doom! You can place a fog machine connected to a fog chiller on its roof to have fog flowing down in front of your visitors.

A Halloween Party
Including a fog machine at your Halloween Party will really add to your guests fun. This effect will work best if the fog is made to hug the floor or ground, rather than float through the air. See the Fog Chiller section for more info.

Your Front Porch
Use a fog machine to fog your front porch or even from the roof with a fog chiller to make the fog cascade down in front of your trick or treaters. Caution should be used if your porch has steps.

Halloween Graveyard Display
As your Yard Haunts become more elaborate, you'll probably want to add a graveyard scene, and the final touch should definitely be a fog machine. This effect works best if the fog is made to hug the ground, rather than float through the air.
See the Fog Chiller article in the Special Projects section for more info.

Scaring Trick or Treaters
Hide the fog machine in a position so that the fog will shoot out at arriving trick or treaters. When they walk into position, use the remote control to give them a blast of fog. Since the fog comes out hot for the first couple of feet, make sure that the fog shoots out from several feet away from your visitors.

House Of Doom
This effect looks very menacing! Hide your fog machine and a fog chiller on your roof. Since the fog has been cooled down, it will roll over the roof and stream down over the edge and cascade down onto visitors. This effect works best with a timer-remote, so you don't have to manually activate the fog machine.

Everything Halloween
You can use a fog machine to enhance the effect for just about anything you do for Halloween. Let us know if you come up with any other ideas!


Fog Machines - Fog Machine Fog Machines - Fog Machine
Fog Machines - Fog Machine
Fog Machines - Fog Machine


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